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Vascular Surgery: Principles and Practice, Fourth Edition

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Provides an up-to-date exposition of interventional methods
Includes a revised and updated section on the vascular anatomy, techniques and complications associated with transplantation surgery
Revitalizes the section on extracranial vascular disease and discusses the role of carotid artery stenting and management of asymptomatic carotid artery disease
Contains short operative videos that demonstrate relevant techniques

Vascular surgery has seen a remarkable evolution. A discipline focused on the natural history and treatment of vascular disease by open operation is now primarily a minimally invasive specialty. Mastery of the basic pathophysiology has been retained while the transformation by improved imaging and endovascular intervention has been integrated into practice.

This fourth edition of Vascular Surgery: Principles and Practice has incorporated these advances building on the specialty’s past assets. Knowledge of natural history and open surgery will always have an essential role in optimal care of patients with vascular diseases. The authors’ exposition of the old and the new will make this edition a valuable resource for vascular surgeons and all others dedicated to the care of vascular patients.

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Rok wydania 2016
Autor Samuel Eric Wilson, Juan Carlos Jimenez, Frank J. Veith, A. Ross Naylor, John A. C. Buckels
Wydanie 4
Liczba stron 932
Liczba ilustracji 436
ISBN 9781482239454
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