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Ultrasound in Gynecology: An Atlas and Guide

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This book provides comprehensive coverage of diagnoses across a wide range of gynecological pathologies, using various ultrasound techniques.
Abundant illustrations of pathologies with key points in each chapter for quick reference.
Of late the IOTA (International Ovarian Tumor Analysis), IETA (International Endometrial Tumor Analysis) and MUSA (Morphological Uterus Sonographic Assessment) groups have arrived on a consensus for terminologies to describe sonographic features. This book provides an explanation of these terminologies in ultrasound diagnosis of gynecological pathologies.
This book is a practical guide that aims to provide significant value in addressing challenges faced by gynecologists, radiologists and sonologists, in their day to day practice and during emergencies.

This atlas and guide book is focused on gynecological ultrasound, an area that has remained in the shadow of obstetric ultrasound & fetal medicine. Gynecological ultrasound has seen rapid advances owing to expanding research and improved ultrasound equipment. This book leverages these advances and provides abundant illustrations and practice points of classical and new ultrasound features. It serves as a guide for radiologists, gynecologists and sonologists for the accurate diagnosis of gynecological pathologies.
The chapters of this book also serve as a comprehensive resource for various topics with hundreds of images and figures, including basic gray scale images, Doppler studies and three dimensional ultrasound illustrations. In addition, standard terms for the evaluation and reporting of gynecological pathologies are discussed. Emergencies like ovarian torsion, complex adnexal cyst are also covered.

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Rok wydania 2017
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