Thyroid Ultrasound From Simple to Complex

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  • Covers techniques from conventional grayscale and Doppler imaging to elastography and contrast-enhanced ultrasound
  • Aids image interpretation and differential diagnosis
  • Meets the needs of novices and experienced professionals

This book is a wide-ranging and up-to-date guide to the use of ultrasound for imaging of the thyroid that will meet the needs of novices while providing more experienced professionals with advanced information. All of the techniques employed in modern thyroid ultrasound are covered, from conventional grayscale and Doppler imaging to elastography and contrast-enhanced ultrasound, with a focus on practical aspects and with detailed analysis of their diagnostic value and limitations. The characteristic ultrasound findings of the normal thyroid and a wide range of thyroid diseases and disorders are described with the aid of hundreds of high-quality images. Diffuse changes and thyroid lesions are discussed in depth, paying close attention to aspects of importance for early detection and differential diagnosis. In this context the authors summarize their personal experiences in the use of qualitative parameters of compression elastography and quantitative data of shear-wave elastography. In addition, a practical approach to the risk stratification of thyroid nodules is proposed. The book concludes with a resumé of the main challenges and pitfalls in thyroid ultrasound.

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Rok wydania 2019
Autor Alexander Sencha, Yury N. Patrunov
Wydanie 1
Liczba stron 251
Liczba ilustracji 4 b/w illustrations, 174 illustrations in colour
ISBN 9783030144500
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