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The Achilles Tendon: Treatment and Rehabilitation

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As the population ages while remaining active, both Achilles tendon injuries and their treatment techniques have multiplied. The Achilles Tendon: Treatment and Rehabilitation is a comprehensive guide to the Achilles tendon, from basic anatomy, physiology and pathomechanics through the most cutting-edge treatment techniques. Internationally renowned contributors weigh in on traditional, nonoperative, and less invasive treatments, acute ailments, chronic conditions, and problems specific to specialized populations. The book also takes a practical approach to the role of the Achilles in sports training, with a view to developing patient management and rehabilitation practices and that enable a quicker return to play. The inclusion of handy case studies help to tie concepts together for orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, physiatrists, athletic trainers and sports medicine physicians alike. Distilling diverse opinions on treatment and the wealth of information available on this subject into a succinct and straightforward guide, The Achilles Tendon is an indispensable reference for those treating the pathologies related to Achilles tendon disorders.

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Rok wydania 2009
Autor James A. Nunley
Wydanie 1
ISBN 978-0-387-79205-7
Oprawa Twarda
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