Storytelling in Medicine: How Narrative can Improve Practice

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Puts the theory of narrative into practice, enabling the reader to communicate effectively with patients, relatives and colleagues in clinical and educational environments
Serves as an ideal adjunct to case-based learning
Emphasises the importance of listening to the patient ‘voice’
Shows how an improved understanding of a patient's narrative can aid accurate diagnosis
Features a highly practical approach for daily use in the educational and clinical setting

Throughout our lives, story is the medium each of us uses to make sense of our environment and relationships. Stories provide meaning and context, enriching our experiences and equipping us with a framework to navigate our existence.

Storytelling in Medicine is aunique, practical book for healthcare trainees, practitioners and educators that explores the ideas and practice of narrative and storytelling that lie at the very heart of clinical medicine and the patient ‘experience’ of care. It shows how story and narrative can be used effectively to help convey concepts such as prognosis and the effect of illness upon life, and to prepare patients and their relatives for difficult and painful news.

Offering a particular insight into communication by and between healthcare professionals, and how it can be refocused and improved, the book is an invaluable teaching aid for educators working in both small and large formats, and for under- and postgraduate students.

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Rok wydania 2016
Autor Colin Robertson, Gareth Clegg
Liczba stron 198
Liczba ilustracji 18
ISBN 9781785231377
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