Respiratory Disease in Pregnancy

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Respiratory diseases affect a large proportion of the population and can cause complications when associated with pregnancy. Pregnancy induces profound anatomical and functional physiological changes in the mother, and subjects the mother to pregnancy-specific respiratory conditions. Reviewing respiratory conditions both specific and non-specific to pregnancy, the book also addresses related issues such as smoking and mechanical ventilation. Basic concepts for the obstetrician are covered, including patient history, physiology and initial examinations. Topics such as physiological changes during pregnancy and placental gas exchange are discussed for the non-obstetrician. Guidance is practical, covering antenatal and post-partum care, as well as management in the delivery suite. An essential guide to respiratory diseases in pregnancy, this book is indispensable to both obstetricians and non-obstetric physicians managing pregnant patients.

  • Covers respiratory diseases in pregnancy from both an obstetric and non-obstetric perspective, in order to bring experts in varying specialities to a shared level of understanding
  • Practical guidance for all stages of pregnancy, from antenatal to post-partum care, ensures this is an indispensable reference for clinicians involved in caring for women of reproductive age
  • Written by international leading experts in respiratory conditions, up-to-date clinical advice and understanding is provided in one handy guide

Table of Contents

List of contributors
Section 1. The Basics – for the Obstetrician:
1. Respiratory physiology and terminology Timothy Crozier
2. Pulmonary assessment in pregnancy Tabassum Firoz
3. Approach to common respiratory problems in pregnancy Karen Patterson
Section 2. The Basics – for the Non-Obstetrician:
4. Cardiopulmonary physiological alterations in pregnancy Niamh Hayes and Thomas Drew
5. Gas exchange across the placenta Brahmdeep S. Saini, Janna L. Morrison and Mike Seed
Section 3. Pulmonary Conditions Not Specific to Pregnancy:
6. Pulmonary infections in pregnancy Priya Daniel, Timothy Hills and Wei Shen Lim
7. Asthma in pregnancy Danish Ahmad and Erika Yoo
8. Cystic fibrosis in pregnancy Melanie Chin and D. Elizabeth Tullis
9. Restrictive lung disease in pregnancy Stephen Lapinsky
10. Pulmonary thromboembolic disease in pregnancy Wee-Shian Chan
11. Pulmonary hypertension in pregnancy Liesbeth ten Klooster, Vicki J. Wilson, Ruth Newton, Karen Selby, Suarabh V Gandhi and David G Kiely
12. Sickle chest syndromes in pregnancy Ann Kinga Malinowski and Nadine Shehata
13. Sleep-disordered breathing in pregnancy Jennifer E. Dominguez and Ghada Bourjeily
14. Acute respiratory distress syndrome and respiratory failure in pregnancy Justin Seashore and Alexander Duarte
15. Other pulmonary conditions in pregnancy Muhammed Ehtisham, Humnah Khudayar and Patricia Russo-Magno
Section 4. Pulmonary Conditions Related to Pregnancy:
16. Dyspnea of pregnancy Stephen Lapinsky and Ghada Bourjeily
17. Amniotic fluid embolism syndrome Marie Baldisseri
18. Pregnancy-associated pulmonary edema Lisa Moore
Section 5. Other Pulmonary Issues in Pregnancy:
19. Smoking in pregnancy Catherine Chamberlain
20. Radiological imaging of the chest in pregnancy Shital Gandhi and Siobhan Bacon
21. Respiratory drug therapy in pregnancy Nika Mehta
22. Biological and immunosuppressive respiratory therapy in pregnancy Bernadette Jenner and Catherine Nelson-Piercy
23. Oxygen therapy in pregnancy Daniela Vaquez and Gustavo A. Plotnikow
24. Airway management in pregnancy Kyle Jespersen and Michaela K. Farber
25. Mechanical ventilation in pregnancy José Rojas-Suarez and Jezid Miranda

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