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Plastic Surgery Emergencies Principles and Techniques

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The second edition of this detailed guide to the diagnosis and treatment of common plastic surgery emergencies includes updated clinical information on the most common emergency situations. This book gives plastic surgeons, as well as any physicians who may encounter emergency plastic surgery issues, the basic skills they need to effectively treat their patients and to ultimately be successful in their practice.

Key Features of the Second Edition:

  • New chapter covering sternal wounds
  • Easy-to-follow color diagrams demonstrating key procedures and full-color photographs for rapid diagnosis

Plastic Surgery Emergencies is an indispensable resource for clinicians, residents, and trainees in plastic surgery. It is also ideal for all emergency room personnel, including ER physicians, physicians' assistants, and nurse practitioners, as well as family practice physicians.

Chapter 1. Wound Management
Chapter 2. Anesthesia and Wound Closure
Chapter 3. Pressure Sores
Chapter 4. Bite Wounds
Chapter 5. Burns and Frostbite Injury
Chapter 6. Assessment of the Traumatic Face
Chapter 7. Facial Laceration
Chapter 8. Infections of the Face
Chapter 9. Management of Dental Alveolar Trauma
Chapter 10. Orbit and Zygoma Fractures
Chapter 11. Nasal and NOE Fractures
Chapter 12. Frontal Sinus Fractures
Chapter 13. Maxillary and Mandible Fractures
Chapter 14. Evaluation of the Injured Hand
Chapter 15. Anesthesia and Splinting of the Hand
Chapter 16. Hand Fractures and Dislocations
Chapter 17. Hand Infections and Injection Injuries
Chapter 18. Hand and Forearm Tendon Injuries
Chapter 19. Hand and Vascular Injuries and Amputations
Chapter 20. Upper Extremity Peripheral Nerve Injuries
Chapter 21. Compartment Syndrome
Chapter 22. Postoperative Evaluation of Free Flap Reconstruction
Chapter 23. The Post Op Aesthetic Patient
Chapter 24. Treatment of Common Pediatric Plastic Surgery Trauma
Chapter 25. Sternal and Abdominal Wound Management
Chapter 26. Management of Common Plastic Surgery Complications

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