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Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology A Problem-Based Approach

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Pediatric and adolescent gynecology (PAG) is recognized as a specialist area and clinicians working in PAG need specific expertise. A wide spectrum of conditions needs to be addressed, ranging from simple disorders which respond to basic treatment to complex congenital anomalies with a genetic origin and life-long health consequences. Investigations must be appropriate and treatment should reduce symptoms and distress whilst optimizing gynecological and reproductive potential. Centered upon a series of common clinical presentations, this book includes stepwise guidance on the initial investigations, management, and treatment options. Guidance is supported by the most up-to-date evidence-base, written by clinicians with dedicated clinical and research experience in PAG. New techniques - such as laparoscopic surgery - are included and the importance of the psychological assessment of children with specific PAG disorders is highlighted. The book also includes an authoritative chapter on safeguarding - recognizing the unique opportunity for gynecologists in child protection.

  • Focuses on practical management including step-by-step clinical guidance, to support readers in the day-to-day management of girls and adolescents with a wide range of gynecological symptoms
  • Problem-based chapters allow readers to understand potential differential diagnoses, including common and rare conditions, and how to investigate and manage these appropriately
  • Includes a unique chapter on safeguarding for gynecologists, to ensure they are aware of their unique role in safeguarding girls, with practical advice

1. An Introduction to pediatric and adolescent gynecology practice Adam Balen, Lesley Breech, Sarah Creighton and Lih-Mei Liao
2. Embryology and normal development of female reproductive function Cara Williams and Rebecca Deans
3. Holistic assessment in pediatric and adolescent Gynecology Practice Paul L Wood, Jennie Yoost, Margaret Hall-Craggs, Davor Jurkovic, Sveta Alladi and Deborah Hodes
4. Safeguarding for pediatric and adolescent gynecology Sveta Alladi and Deborah Hodes
5. Informed consent in pediatric and adolescent gynecology practice: from ethical principles to ethical behaviors Lih-Mei Liao, Paul M. Chadwick and Anne Tamar-Mattis
6. Common gynecological symptoms before puberty Stefanie Cardamone and Sarah Creighton
7. Menstrual dysfunction in pediatric and adolescent gynecology practice Michal Yaron, Diane Merritt, Anne-Marie Amies Oelschlager, Lina Michala and Jennifer E. Dietrich
8. Primary amenorrhea in pediatric and adolescent gynecology practice Naomi S. Crouch, Lisa Allen, Adam Balen, Gerard S Conway, Ephia Yasmin and Gail Busby
9. Urinary problems in pediatric and adolescent gynecology practice Alun Williams, Anette Jacobsen, Lesley Breech and Dan Wood
10. Late effects of childhood cancer in pediatric and adolescent gynecology practice Leslie A. Appiah and Melanie C. Davies
11. Laparoscopic surgery in pediatric and adolescent gynecology practice Alfred Cutner, Tom Aust and Sari Kives
12. Psychological care in pediatric and adolescent gynecology practice: addressing the effects of sexual and gender norms Julie Alderson, Katrina Roen and Miriam Muscarella.

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Rok wydania 2018
Format 246 x 189
Autor S. Creighton, A. Balen, L. Breech, Lih-Mei Liao
Wydanie 1
Liczba ilustracji 14 b/w illus. 40 colour illus.
ISBN 9781107165137
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