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Partial Breast Reconstruction Techniques in Oncoplastic Surgery

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The new edition includes increased video/DVD coverage, new chapters on BRAVA tissue expansion, flaps, and increased detail on mega-filling the breast with fat. The book is published with a bundled eBook, which includes an image library so all the images can be downloaded.

Partial Breast Reconstruction is a groundbreaking work in reconstructive surgery, edited and written by international leaders in this field. It presents the latest reconstructive techniques for breast cancer patients who have breast conserving therapy (BCT), where the primary treatment is partial mastectomy and radiation therapy. With the "oncoplastic approach" women are now able to preserve their breasts while maintaining a breast that is aesthetic, symmetric, and well-shaped.
Today, BCT has become the standard of care for many women diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, the incidence of poor cosmetic results is relatively high with standard BCT. This book provides surgeons with the techniques needed to improve aesthetic outcomes while maintaining oncologic standards. It focuses on three critical areas:

1) improving the breast resection to ensure the most aesthetic outcome,

2) preventing a deformity with partial breast reconstruction when a poor cosmetic outcome is anticipated, and 3) correcting a post-radiation deformity when it occurs.

The oncoplastic approach is the wave of the future. It is imperative for reconstructive surgeons to learn oncoplastic techniques so that they can broaden their practices and take care of this growing population of patients with BCT deformities. This comprehensive book will provide you with the clinical information and guidance that you need to incorporate this approach into your practice.

Comprehensive coverage of oncoplastic surgery from an international author team
- Includes numerous operative clips and substantial new video material
- Includes new chapters on BRAVA, updated flap coverage and using fat in breast reconstruction
- Published with an e-book and video
- All the images in the book can be downloaded electronically using the e-book for use in presentations

Published with a free e-book.

Part 1 Evolution of Oncoplastic Surgery
Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery - Werner P. Audretsch
Chapter 2 Current Approach to Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
The European Experience - R. Douglas Macmillan
The American Experience - G. Patrick Maxwell, Allen Gabriel
Chapter 3 How to Incorporate Oncoplastic Surgery into your Practice - Albert Losken, Moustapha Hamdi
Part Two Principles and Considerations of Oncoplastic Breast Conservation
Chapter 4 Applied Anatomy and Breast Aesthetics: Definition and Assessment - Kendall K. Peters, Albert Losken
Chapter 5 Breast-Conserving Therapy - Justine S. Broeker BS, Hunter R. Moyer Toncred Marya Styblo
Chapter 6 Breast-Conserving Therapy: Decision-Making and Anticipating the Unfavorable Aesthetic Result - John Hijjawi
Chapter 7 Oncological Safety of the Oncoplastic Approach for Breast Conservation Surgery - Kristine E. Calhoun, Benjamin O. Anderson
Chapter 8 Improving the Partial Mastectomy Deformity - Grant W. Carlson
Chapter 9 Improving the Quadrantectomy Defect - Jean-Yves Petit
Chapter 10 Breast Radiotherapy in the Setting of Oncoplastic Surgery - Steven Eric Finkelstein, Frank Vicini, Chirag Shah
Chapter 11 Indications and Benefits of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery - Maurice Y. Nahabedian
Chapter 12 Designing the Oncoplastic Operation - Riccardo Masetti, Gianluca Franceschini, Marzia Salgarello
Chapter 13 Timing of the Oncoplastic Reconstruction: Immediate x Delayed x Delayed-Immediate - Alexandre Mendonça Munhoz, Rolf Gemperle
Chapter 14 Psychosocial Aspects of Oncoplastic Breast Conservation - Diana Harcourt
Part Three Immediate Partial Breast Reconstruction
Chapter 15 Reduction Techniques to Optimize Results - Steven J. Kronowitz
Chapter 16 Reduction and Mastopexy Techniques with Parenchymal Autoaugmentation - Albert Losken
Chapter 17 Central Defect Reconstruction - Stephen J. McCulley, R. Douglas Macmillian
Chapter 18 The Role of Local Flaps as Volume Replacement in Oncoplastic Reconstruction - Alexandre Mendonça Munhoz, Rolf Gemperle
Chapter 19 Latissimus Dorsi Miniflap Reconstruction - Richard Myles Rainsbury
Chapter 20 Endoscopic Latissimus Dorsi Flap Reconstruction - Albert Losken
Chapter 21 Omental Flap Reconstruction - Hisamitsu Zaha
Chapter 22 Pedicled Perforator Flap Reconstruction - Moustapha Hamdi
Chapter 23 Partial Breast Reconstruction using Distant Flaps - Aldona Spiegel, Sarosh Zafar
Part Four Correction of the Breast-Conserving Therapy Deformity: Delayed Partial Breast Reconstruction
Chapter 24 Classification and Analysis of the Breast-Conserving Therapy Deformity - Krishna Clough, Isabelle Sarfati, Sunil S. Thomas, Claude Nos
Chapter 25 Rearrangement Surgery - Dennis C. Hammond. Kuylhee Kim
Chapter 26 Correction of the Breast-Conserving Therapy Using Local Flaps - Albert Losken
Chapter 27 Perforator Flap Reconstruction of Breast-Conserving Therapy Deformities - Moustapha Hamdi Chapter 28 Local Perforator Flaps in Oncoplastic Breast Conserving Surgery: Nottingham's experience - R. Douglas Macmillan, Lena Carstensen, Veronique Kiak Mien Tan, Stephen J. McCulley
Chapter 29 BRAVA - Roger Khouri
Chapter 30 Lipoaspirate Transplant in the Breast-Conserving Therapy Deformity - Gino Rigotti
Chapter 31 Can Implants Correct the Breast-Conserving Therapy Deformity? - Albert Losken, Allen Gabriel
Part Five Outcomes and Future Directions
Chapter 32 Cancer Surveillance After Partial Breast Reconstruction - Albert Losken and Mary S. 
Chapter 33 Complications and Outcomes Following Immediate Partial Breast Reconstruction - Moustapha Hamdi, Bert Losken
Chapter 34 Outcomes and Tumor Recurrence After Oncoplastic Surgery of the Breast: 18-Year Follow-Up - Cristina Garusi, Santos Soto

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