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Operative Management of Vascular Anomalies

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Vascular anomalies are common lesions affecting at least 5% of the population. Patients often require multi-disciplinary care. This is a "how-to" text that illustrates the principles and techniques for the surgical management of vascular anomalies. The book covers the entire field of vascular anomalies. In addition, the text describes the operative management of these lesions in different anatomical locations. The book was designed so that it can be easily referenced, and contains classification, operative principles, figures, and video provided by experts in the field.

Published with a free e-book.

Presents stepwise instructions for the surgical correction of vascular anomalies

Includes detailed video footage of operative steps

Part Four is written by multidisciplinary teams based at Harvard and reflects a multidisciplinary approach to patient care

Chapters are categorized into anatomical regions

Section 1: Introduction
Chapter 1 Terminology and Classification
Chapter 2 Principles of Management
Chapter 3 Perioperative Hematological Management
Section 2: Vascular Tumors
Chapter 4 Infantile Hemangioma
Chapter 5 Congenital Hemangioma
Chapter 6 Pyogenic Granuloma
Chapter 7 Rare tumors (kaposiform hemangioendothelioma, infantile myofibroma)
Section 3: Vascular Malformations
Chapter 8 Capillary Malformation
Chapter 9 Lymphatic Malformation (include lymphedema)
Chapter 10 Venous Malformation
Chapter 11 Arteriovenous Malformation
Chapter 12 Overgrowth Syndromes (KT, PWS, CLOVES)
Section 4: Anatomical Considerations
Chapter 13 Brain and Spinal Cord
Chapter 14 Cranium and Facial Bones
Chapter 15 Maxilla and Mandible
Chapter 16 Oral Cavity and Airway
Chapter 17 Lungs and Abdominal Viscera
Chapter 18 Genitalia
Chapter 19 Hand and Upper Extremity
Chapter 20 Vertebral Column and Lower Extremity

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Rok wydania 2017
Autor Arin K. Greene
Wydanie 1
Liczba stron 278
Liczba ilustracji 180
ISBN 9781626236905
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