Multiparametric Ultrasound Diagnosis of Breast Diseases

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  • Provides a comprehensive overview of the use of current ultrasound techniques in breast imaging
  • Identifies topical issues in ultrasound diagnosis
  • Explains the benefits of multiparametric ultrasound
  • Describes and illustrates imaging appearances in a wide range of contexts
  • Equips the reader with information of high relevance to daily practice

This richly illustrated book provides a comprehensive overview of the use of current ultrasound techniques, including contrast-enhanced ultrasound and ultrasonic elastography, in the diagnosis of breast disease. The advantages and pitfalls of the various imaging modalities are identified, and it is explained how combined use of the modalities – multiparametric ultrasound – aids diagnosis and in particular assists in the differentiation of benign and malignant disease. Readers will find detailed description and illustration of the imaging appearances of age-related features (including in children and adolescents), the most important benign diseases, different forms of breast cancer, mammary gland pathology in the contexts of pregnancy and female reproductive system disease, chest gland pathology in males, and recurrent and metastatic disease.  In addition, ultrasound-guided breast interventions and imaging of breast implants are discussed. Specialists in ultrasound diagnostics, radiologists, oncologists, and surgeons will all find this topical book to be both interesting and helpful in daily clinical practice.

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Rok wydania 2018
Autor Gennady T. Sukhikh, Alexander Sencha
Wydanie 1
Liczba stron 328
Liczba ilustracji 23 b/w illustrations, 216 illustrations in colour
ISBN 9783319750330
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