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Handbook of Physical Measurements 3rd Edition

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Thoroughly updated and revised, this new edition of the classic clinical text provides a comprehensive review of physical measurements used in the clinical evaluation of neonates, children, and adults presenting with dysmorphic features, structural anomalies, or genetic syndromes. It has been formatted as a practical manual that can be carried to the clinic or ward for an assessment of physical features and measurements.


  • Numerous syndrome-specific growth charts
  • Definitions of terms used to describe human growth and morphology
  • Guidance on standardized measurement techniques and comparison standards, enabling the clinician to determine which physical measurements are within the normal range and which are not
  • Can be carried to the clinic or ward for an assessment of physical features and measurements

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Measurement
3. Proportional Growth and Normal Variants
4. Height and Length
5. Weight
6. Head Circumference (Occipitofrontal Circumference, OFC)
7. Craniofacies
8. Limbs
9. Chest and Trunk
10. Genitalia
11. Skin and Hair
12. Dermatoglyphics and Trichoglyphics
13. Use of Radiographs for Measurement
14. Developmental Data
15. Prenatal Ultrasound Measurements
16. Postmortem Organ Weights
17. Measurements for Specific Syndromes

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Rok wydania 2013
Format 210 x 140
Autor Karen W. Gripp, Anne M. Slavotinek, Judith G. Hall, and Judith E. Allanson
Wydanie 3
Liczba stron 592
ISBN 9780199935710
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