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Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery Concepts, classification and techniques

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Endorsed by European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology - ESAG

Endorsed by World Society of Cosmetic Gynecology - WSCG

Endorsed by Urogynecology and Pelvic Health Association of India - UPHAI

Female genital rejuvenation is a hot topic, and the procedures are growing in popularity, thanks to more media awareness of this type of surgery. This comprehensive and highly visual text covers the important issues of patient selection and patient consultation as well as fully covering all the different operative techniques along with accompanying surgical video. There is a special focus on dealing with complications and how to deal with secondary cases.

Published with a free e-book.

Part I: Introduction
1 Anatomy and Classification of the Female Genitalia: Implications for Surgical Management - Paul E. Banwell
2 Psychosocial Issues and Social Mores in Female Genital Aesthetic Surgery: What is Normal? - Kharen Ichino, Jennifer L. Walden
3 Informed Consent and Liability in Cosmetic Genital Surgery - Neal R. Reisman

Part II: Techniques
4 Labial Reduction: Surgical Wedge Technique - Christine Hamori
5 Labia Minora Reduction Surgery: Curved Linear Resection - Red Alinsod
6 Labia Majora Reduction Surgery: Majoraplasty - Red Alinsod
7 Clitoral Hood Reduction Techniques - Otto J. Placik 8 Augmentation of the Labia Majora With Fat Grafting - Lina Triana, Mildred M. Martínez, Paul E. Banwell
9 Augmentation of the Labia Majora With Fillers - Clara Santos, Arry Boujenah, Nicolas Berreni
10 Complications of Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery - Christine Hamori
11 Perineoplasty and Vaginoplasty - Marco Pelosi II, Marco Pelosi III
12 Hymenoplasty - Otto J. Placik
13 Auxiliary Procedures - Clara Santos, Monica Bonakdar

Part III: Advances
14 Future Avenues and Advances - Colin C.M. Moore
15 O-Shot - Charles Runels
16 Transcutaneous Temperature-Controlled Radiofrequency for Vulvovaginal Rejuvenation -Red Alinsod
17 Fractional Erbium Laser for Vaginal Rejuvenation - Evgenii Leshunov


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Rok wydania 2017
Autor Hamori, Banwell, Alinsod
Wydanie 1
Liczba stron 264
Liczba ilustracji 350
ISBN 9781626236493
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