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Diagnostyka obrazowa klatki piersiowej. Atlas przypadków klinicznych

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Planowana data premiery czerwiec 2018 r.

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Diagnostyka obrazowa klatki piersiowej. Atlas przypadków klinicznych. (Chest Imaging Case Atlas)

A comprehensive atlas covering the breadth and depth of chest imaging

"The book is splendidly illustrated with up-to-date radiographs, 64-MDCT CT scans, and multiplanar CT, CT
angiographic and some MR and 3-D imaging. More than 1,500 high-quality images make the reading easy and pleasant.
The captions are concise and significant. The text is outstanding and straightforward
." -- Pediatric Radiology

Written by renowned experts in chest imaging, Chest Imaging Case Atlas, Second Edition enables radiology residents, fellows, and practitioners to hone their diagnostic skills by teaching them how to interpret a large number of radiologic cases. This atlas contains over 200 cases on conditions ranging from Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma to Wegener Granulomatosis. Each case is supported by a discussion of the disease, its underlying pathology, typical and unusual imaging findings, management, and prognosis, providing a comprehensive overview of each disorder.

Special Features of the Second Edition:

  • Over 1500 high-quality images demonstrating normal and pathologic findings and their variations
  • More multiplanar, CT angiographic (CTA), MRI, and 3D imaging is incorporated into the text, helping readers stay current with this rapidly changing technology
  • 40 new cases and updated images in cases from the previous edition
  • A new post-thoracotomy chest section addresses normal post-operative findings and complications associated with common thoracic interventional procedures
  • The neoplastic diseases section includes the new TNM staging system for lung cancer
  • The adult cardiovascular disease section now contains a discussion on univentricular and biventricular or end-stage heart failure including various ventricular assist devices and the Total Artificial Heart, their imaging features, and complications associated with their use
  • The diffuse lung disease section has been expanded to include an approach to HRCT interpretation
  • Case discussions are based on up-to-datereviews of current literature as well as classic landmark articles
  • Pearls are provided to describe the features that may strongly support a specific diagnosis, enabling readers to sharpen their clinical diagnostic skills

This book is an invaluable illustrated reference that all physicians in radiology and chest imaging in particular, including pulmonary medicine physicians and thoracic surgeons, should have on their bookshelf.

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Rok wydania 2018
Autor M. S. Parker, M. L. Rosado-de-Christenson, G. F. Abbot
ISBN 978-83-64737-75-6
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