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Clinical Head and Neck Anatomy for Surgeons

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Features contributions by major international figures in surgery and anatomy
Provides a thorough understanding of the structures and surgical anatomy of the head and neck region
Includes full colour photographs and detailed anatomical artwork
Includes many operative images of live anatomy (rather than cadaveric material)
Offers expert guidance, including pearls and pitfalls for operating surgeons

Clinical Head and Neck Anatomy for Surgeons provides a refreshing new approach to the surgical anatomy of one of the most complex regions of the human body, the head and neck region. While similar books exist, few are written by surgeons for surgeons, detailing and illustrating the relevant surgical anatomy that needs to be mastered before operating in this fascinating area.

The book provides an expert overview of the relevant anatomy encountered during surgery along with anatomical relationships and valuable tips. Each chapter describes in detail the anatomy of a key area or structure, accompanied by high-quality medical illustrations to aid in understanding. The book also includes text with essential details of both common and rare anatomical variants as well as potential danger areas and pitfalls, thus enabling surgeons to be fully prepared for most eventualities.

Thoroughly illustrated with colour clinical photographs taken during surgery, the book displays the essential anatomy as encountered in the operating theatre. Line diagrams have been added where needed or when surgical photographs do not succinctly illustrate the point being made. A few radiological images have also been incorporated to complement the surgical anatomy. This book will provide you with trustworthy guidance to avoid hazards and assist with consistent outcomes for your patients.

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Rok wydania 2015
Autor Peter A. Brennan, Vishy Mahadevan, Barrie T. Evans
Liczba stron 338
Liczba ilustracji 286
ISBN 9781444157376
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