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Clark's Essential Physics in Imaging for Radiographers

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Offers a practical, hands-on guide for the study of physics in imaging for radiographers
Features diagrams and photographs to support the text
Includes clear learning objectives and questions to test reader assimilation

It is essential that any practitioner working in an imaging department and using ionizing radiation has a sound knowledge base. In order to understand the various factors affecting the production of diagnostic images, practitioners must demonstrate a grasp of the fundamental definitions of physics and how these principles may be applied to radiography.

The easy-to-understand, portable format of Clark’s Essential Physics in Imaging for Radiographers makes it an invaluable tool for students, assistant practitioners, and radiographers. The book opens with chapters providing an overview of image production, basic mathematics, and physics relevant to medical imaging, which are followed by detailed chapters on physics relevant to producing diagnostic images using x-rays. Each chapter features clear learning objectives and a series of multiple choice questions to test these learning outcomes, and diagrams and photographs support the text.

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Rok wydania 2013
Autor Ken Holmes, Marcus Elkington, Phil Harris
Liczba stron 214
Liczba ilustracji 71
ISBN 9781444145618
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