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Breast Elastography

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A practical how-to manual on breast elastography …

This comprehensive reference covers the principles and techniques used in performing breast elastography, an innovative imaging technology that can dramatically reduce the need for biopsies. The book begins with an introduction of the techniques, followed by sections on how to perform each technique and methods of interpretation, and concludes with more than 60 detailed case studies.

Key Features:

Includes case studies covering a wide range of breast pathologies and illustrating the use of all available elastography techniques to help radiologists obtain the best images for each pathology
Covers all methods of breast elastography, including sheer wave and strain wave
Contains more than 200 high-quality color images that demonstrate how to perform each technique
Breast Elastography is an essential reference for all radiologists, residents and fellows, and sonographers involved in breast imaging and evaluation.

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Rok wydania 2014
Autor Barr
Wydanie 1
Liczba stron 192
Liczba ilustracji 476
ISBN 9781604068528
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