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Botulinum Toxins: Cosmetic and Clinical Applications

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Botulinum Toxins: Cosmetic and Clinical Applications provides a comprehensive and in-depth review of the use of botulinum toxin for aesthetic procedures and medical applications as a stand-alone treatment and as part of combination therapy.

Now a mainstay of cosmetic dermatologic practice, the range of available toxins and their varied applications has grown considerably in recent years requiring the practitioner to carefully consider what approach best suits the needs of their patient. This new book, written by international expert authors, provides guidance to help you refine your technique, add new procedures to your practice, and provide optimal results.

This book:

  • Offers guidance on best-practice approaches with botulinum toxin, helping create cutting edge, tailored treatment plans for each patient
  • Benefits from a wealth of color images, procedural videos, and expert tips and tricks
  • Takes a region oriented approach, providing guidance on treatment of the; glabella, forehead, periocular and perioral areas, and contouring of the lower face and lower leg and calf, and neck rejuvenation
  • Contains a thorough review of non-cosmetic treatments such as correction of facial asymmetry, and treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis, plus palm, sole, and craniofacial hyperhidrosis
  • Covers exciting new topics, such as future injectables, topical botulinum toxin, and facial contouring including treatment for benign masseter hypertrophy
  • Discusses combination therapy of botulinum toxin with other non-surgical procedures such as hyaluronic acid (HA) or filler substances, light and laser sources, and other energy-based therapies
  • Includes considerations for darker skin types

Offer your patients the best care, stay on top of cutting edge techniques, and avoid pitfalls with coverage of practical tips and real cases. Botulinum Toxins in Dermatology: Cosmetic and Clinical Applications provides best-practice guidance on the contemporary use of botulinum toxin in isolation and in combination.


Table of contents

 1 History of Botulinum Toxin for Medical and Aesthetic Use 1     
Alastair Carruthers, FRCPC and Jean Carruthers, MD (FRCS(C), FRCOphth)          

2 Anatomy and Aesthetic Principles   13
Timothy M. Greco, MD (FACS), Che´rie M. Ditre, MD, and David M. Ozog, MD (FAAD, FACMS)   

3 Botulinum Toxin: From Molecule to Medicine 37           
Conor J. Gallagher, PhD and Alan Ackerman, PhD           

4 Myobloc   53
Neil S. Sadick, MD (FACP, FAAD, FAACS, FACPh) and Suveena Manhas-Bhutani, MD      

5 Abobotulinumtoxin: Development and Aesthetic Usage 65
Gary D. Monheit, MD    

6 IncobotulinumtoxinA (Xeomin®/Bocouture®)   79
Ulrich Ku¨hne, MD (DALM) and Matthias Imhof, MD (DALM)     

7  Future Injectable Toxins 97
Michael H. Gold, MD     

8 Reconstitution, Dilution, Diffusion, and Migration of Botulinum Toxin  109
Murad Alam, MD (MSCI, MBA), Hayes B. Gladstone, MD, and David M. Ozog, MD (FAAD, FACMS)         

9 Patient Selection 121
Ryan M. Greene, MD (PhD, FACS), John P. Arkins, BS, and Steven H. Dayan, MD (FACS)

10 Treatment of the Glabella   133
Neal D. Varughese, MD (MBA) and David J. Goldberg, MD (JD) 

11  Treatment of the Forehead 147
Joel L. Cohen, MD (FAAD, FACMS) and Ramin Fathi, MD

12 Treatment of the Periocular Area - Crow's Feet, Brow and Bunny Lines
Girish S. Munavalli, MD(MHS, FACMS), Antony V. BEnedetto, DO (FACP, FCPP), Brian S. Biesman, MD (FACS), and Carolee M. Cutler Peck, MD

13 Contouring of the Lower Face and of the Lower Leg and Calf   177
Mee young Park, MD (PhD), Dennis A. Porto, MD, and Ki Young Ahn, MD (PhD)               

14  Treatment of the Perioral Area 191
Shawn Allen, MD (FAAD, FACMS), Roberta Sengelmann, MD, and Rachel Simmons, MD (FAAD)               

15 Neck Rejuvenation   199
Koenraad De Boulle, MD, Lakhdar Belhaouari, MD, and Julia D. Kreger, MD        

16  Correction of Facial Asymmetry 213
Scott Rickert, MD (FACS), Lesley F. Childs, MD, and Andrew Blitzer, MD (DDS, FACS)        

17  Complications and Diffusion   221
Matteo C. LoPiccolo, MD, Farhaad R. Riyaz, MD, and David M. Ozog, MD (FAAD, FACMS)            

18 Combination Therapy of Botulinum Toxin with other Nonsurgical Procedures 233
Amy Forman Taub, MD and Lauren Fine, MD (FAAD)     

19 Peri-Procedure Botulinum Toxin for Skin Cancer Patients and Scars   253
Timothy Corcoran Flynn, MD, Molly C. Powers, MD, and David M. Ozog, MD (FAAD, FACMS)     

20 Achieving a Natural Look   263
Doris Hexsel, MD, Camile L. Hexsel, MD (FAAD, FACMS), and Carolina Siega, BSc               

21 Special Considerations in Darker Skin   275
Chere´ Lucas Anthony, MD and Marta I. Rendon, MD (FAAD, FACP)        

22 Axillary Hyperhidrosis   285
Ada Regina Trindade de Almeida, MD, Joel L. Cohen, MD (FAAD, FACMS), and Chinobu Chisaki, MD       

23 Primary Focal Palm, Sole, Craniofacial, and Compensatory Hyperhidrosis 299
Dee Anna Glaser, MD and Adam R. Mattox, DO (MS)    

24  Topical Botulinum Toxin 317
Richard G. Glogau, MD and Eileen Axibal, MD   

25  Exciting New Uses of Botulinum Toxin Type A: Dermatology/Dermatologic Surgery and Beyond  329
Donna Bilu Martin, MD (FAAD) and Stephen Mandy, MD (FAAD)             

26 Modulating Affect and Mood with Botulinum Toxin Injections: Psychosocial Implications of Neuromodulators  345
James L. Griffith, MD (MSci), Kevin C. Smith, MD (FRCPC (DERM)), and Murad Alam, MD (MSCI, MBA)  

27  OnabotulinumtoxinA (Botox®) in Dermatology 357
Jason J. Emer, MD, Eileen Axibal, MD, Ellen S. Marmur, MD (FAAD), and Heidi Waldorf, MD         

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Rok wydania 2017
Autor Joel L. Cohen, David M. Ozog , Dennis A. Porto
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ISBN 978-1-444-33825-6
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