Atlas of Amputations & Limb Deficiencies, 4th edition: Print + Ebook with Multimedia

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The leading and definitive reference on the surgical and prosthetic management of acquired and congenital limb loss.

The fourth edition of the Atlas of Amputations and Limb Deficiencies is written by recognized experts in the fields of amputation surgery, rehabilitation, and prosthetics.

Discover the best in contemporary thinking, the most recent advances and future developments in prosthetic technology with in-depth treatment and management recommendations for adult and pediatric conditions.

  • Hundreds of illustrations, photographs, and images give you insights into the many advances and high-tech surgical techniques and prosthetic solutions.
  • Support your difficult decisions on amputation versus limb salvage including: treatment, management, and alternatives for all levels of limb loss.
  • This book consists of 3 Volumes: General Topics/Upper Limb; Lower Limb/Management Issues; Pediatrics. Volumes not sold separately.

This book is a valuable guide and treatment overview for surgeons, physicians, prosthetists, physiatrists, therapists, and those with an interest in this field. Use this expanded and completely updated resource to help you and your treatment team understand and select the best current approaches for your patients.

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1 The Interwoven Histories of Amputation Surgery and Prosthetics
2 General Principles of Amputation Surgery
3 General Principles of Postoperative Residual Limb Management
4 General Principles of Limb Salvage Versus Amputation in Adults
5 General Principles of Limb Salvage Versus Amputation in Children
6 Amputee Gait: Normal and Abnormal
7 Clinical Considerations of Observational Gait Analysis
8 Kinesiology of the Upper Limb
9 Wartime Amputations
10 Prosthetic Rehabilitation in Less-Resourced Settings

11 Upper Limb Body-Powered Components
12 Harnessing and Controls for Upper Limb Body-Powered Prostheses
13 Upper Limb Externally Powered Components
14 Control Options for Upper Limb Externally Powered Components
15 Partial Hand Amputation: Surgical Management
16 Partial Hand Amputation: Prosthetic Management
17 Wrist Disarticulation and Transradial Amputation: Surgical Management
18 Wrist Disarticulation and Transradial Amputation: Prosthetic Management
19 The Krukenberg Reconstruction in Children
20 Elbow Disarticulation and Transhumeral Amputation: Surgical Management
21 Elbow Disarticulation and Transhumeral Amputation: Prosthetic Management and Design
22 Amputations About the Shoulder: Surgical Management
23 Amputations About the Shoulder: Prosthetic Management
24 Bilateral Upper Limb Prostheses
25 Upper Limb Provisional Prostheses
26 Silicone Interfacing Options in Upper Limb Prostheses
27 Targeted Muscle Reinnervation for Prosthetic Control and Treatment of Neuroma Pain
28 Targeted Muscle Reinnervation: Prosthetic Management
29 Upper Limb Prosthetic Training and Occupational Therapy
30 Upper Limb Adaptive Prostheses for Vocation and Recreation
31 Functional Aesthetic Prostheses: Upper Limb
32 Brachial Plexus Injuries
33 Hand Transplantation
34 Outcome Measures in Upper Limb Prosthetics


35 Lower Limb Prosthetic Components: Updated Classification and Passive Body-Powered Components
36 Lower Limb Prosthetic Components: Microprocessor-Controlled Components
37 Partial Foot Amputations and Disarticulations: Surgical Management
38 Prosthetic Management After Partial Foot Amputation
39 Ankle Disarticulation and Variants: Surgical Management
40 Syme Ankle Disarticulation: Prosthetic Management
41 Transtibial Amputation: Surgical Management
42 Transtibial Amputation: Prosthetic Management
43 Knee Disarticulation: Surgical Management
44 Knee Disarticulation: Prosthetic Management
45 Transfemoral Amputation: Surgical Management
46 Transfemoral Amputation: Prosthetic Management
47 Hip Disarticulation and Transpelvic Amputation: Surgical Management
48 Hip Disarticulation and Transpelvic Amputation: Prosthetic Management
49 Osseointegration: Surgical Management
50 Prosthetic Management of Osseointegration
51 Physical Therapy Management of Adults With Lower Limb Amputations
52 Adaptive Lower Limb Prostheses for Sports and Recreation
53 Bilateral Lower Limb Amputation: Prosthetic Management
54 Outcome Measures in Lower Limb Prosthetics

55 Chronic Pain After Amputation
56 Skin Problems in the Amputee
57 Secondary Health Effects of Amputation
58 Surgical Management of Residual Limb Complications
59 Psychological Adaptation to Limb Amputation
60 Rehabilitation Without Prostheses
61 Vocational Considerations After Amputations


62 The Child With a Limb Deficiency
63 Development of Locomotive Systems
64 Principles of Amputation Surgery in Children
65 Prosthetic Considerations in the Pediatric Patient
66 Occupational Therapy for the Child With an Upper Limb Deficiency
67 Pediatric Physical Therapy
68 Congenital Transverse and Intersegmental Deficiencies of the Upper Limb
69 Congenital Longitudinal Deficiencies of the Upper Limb
70 Upper Limb Prostheses for Children
71 Pediatric Hand Deficiencies
72 Transverse Deficiencies of the Lower Limb
73 Congenital Longitudinal Deficiency of the Fibula
74 Congenital Longitudinal Deficiency of the Tibia
75 Pediatric Prostheses for Amputations Distal to the Knee
76 Congenital Deficiencies of the Femur
77 Knee Disarticulation and Transfemoral Amputation: Pediatric Prosthetic Considerations
78 Hip Disarticulations and Hemipelvectomies in Children: Surgical and Prosthetic Management
79 Rotationplasty: Surgical Techniques and Prosthetic Considerations
80 Lumbosacral Agenesis
81 Partial Foot Deficiencies in Children
82 The Child With Multiple Limb Deficiencies

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