Sztuka i medycyna. Zaburzenia neurologiczne i psychiatryczne u sławnych artystów. TOM 1-3

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Sztuka i medycyna. Zaburzenia neurologiczne i psychiatryczne u sławnych artystów. TOM 1-3.
(Neurological Disorders in Famous Artists. PART 1-3)
Fascinating insights into the relationship between brain disease and creativity
A Karger 'Publishing Highlights 1890–2015' title 

The study of how a neurological disorder can change the artistic activity and behavior of creative people is a largely unexplored field. This publication looks closer at famous painters, writers, composers and philosophers of the 18th to the 20th centuries who suffered from neurological diseases such as stroke, epilepsy, brain trauma and dementia. The diseases of Gershwin, Kant, Musorgsky, Poe, Ravel, Van Gogh and many more are diagnosed in retrospect and treatment options according to modern medical technologies are discussed. 

Presenting fascinating insights into the relationship between brain disease and creativity in famous minds, this publication is highly recommended to neurologists, psychiatrists, physicians as well as to everybody interested in art, music and literature.
More on the relationship between brain disease and creativity
‘Neurological Disorders in Famous Artists - Part 2’ presents more writers, philosophers, musicians, painters and film directors who developed some form of neurological dysfunction and whose style and output changed following a stroke or other cerebral disorder. Mozart, Baudelaire, de Kooning, Proust, Füssli, Heine, Fellini, Visconti and others are all striking examples of how extraordinary creativity can be challenged and modified or destroyed and restored, all within the drama of a disease. When brain disease challenges the capabilities of artists, the changes that subsequently occur in their work provide a unique opportunity to explore the mysteries of creativity. This may also lead to a better understanding on how certain artists developed, particularly when the course of a disease corresponds with what is generally recognized as a new chapter in their work.
This book offers a fascinating read for neurologists, psychiatrists, general physicians and anybody interested in art, literature, music and film.


An intriguing and enlightening read

The third part of Neurological Disorders in Famous Artists presents painters, musicians, and writers who had to fight against an acute or chronic neurological disease. Sometimes this fight was without success (e.g. Shostakovich, Schumann, Wolf, Pascal), but often a dynamic and paradoxical creativity of the clinical disorder was integrated into their artistic production (e.g. Klee, Ramuz). Occasionally, some even wrote the first report of a medical condition they observed in themselves, like Stendhal who made a detailed report of aphasic transient ischemic attacks before dying of stroke shortly thereafter. In rarer instances, a neurological disease was inaccurately attributed to an artist in order to explain certain features of his work (de Chirico, Schiele). Some chapters in this publication focus on neurological conditions reported in artistic work, including descriptions by Shakespeare and Dumas. 
Bringing new light to both artists and neurological conditions, this book serves as a valuable and entertaining read for neurologists, psychiatrists, physicians, and anybody interested in arts, literature and music.


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Rok wydania 2018
Autor TOM 1: J. Bogousslavsky, F. Boller F. | TOM 2: J. Bogousslavsky, M. G. Hennerici | TOM 3: J. Bogousslavsky, M. G. Hennerici, H. Bäzner, C. Bassetti
ISBN TOM 1: 978-83-64737-62-6 | TOM 2: 978-83-64737-63-3 | TOM 3: 978-83-64737-64-0
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